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Climate Science and Corruption

Russell Cook:

Do personal and financial ties corrupt views on global warming? The warmists thinks so, but only when skeptical scientists are involved.

Skeptic climate scientist Dr. S Fred Singer, a contributor to American Thinker, relayed the following in his weekly Science & Environmental Policy Project email (reproduced here):

IPCC Censorship: Jean-Pascal van Ypersele, a Vice-Chair (Vice President) of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, objected to Fred Singer participating in a seminar on global warming / climate change that was to be held at SEII Foundation Universitaire in Brussels. A google translation of part of the letter van Ypersele sent follows:




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  1. There’s always more…….. Back in mid-June I noted how two people who were long ago part of the efforts consolidating the smear of skeptic climate scientists are recently seen directly working with the IPCC as report reviewers. Please see: “There is a Cancer Growing on the IPCC and Al Gore”

    Comment by Russell C | September 5, 2011

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