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White House Cleanses Israel from Website


At 3:22 p.m., I posted this photo of Vice President Joe Biden and Shimon Peres, with an accompanying caption that indicated it had been taken last year in Jerusalem, Israel:

The point of posting the photo was to show that, although the State Department refuses to say that Jerusalem is in Israel, even the White House website acknowledges this elementary truth (at least for Western Jerusalem, west of the 1949 armistic lines). But not any more. Within two hours of posting, the White House has apparently gone through its website, cleansing any reference to Jerusalem as being in Israel.


Canada’s PM, Stephen Harper, has gone out of his way to stand with Israel. The UK, US and most European nations, especially the EU nations, have taken every opportunity to undermine Israel. Of ALL these nations, which one is sailing through the current economic and social morass relatively unscathed?



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