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Religious Left Editor: “Avatar” Illustrates Israeli Oppression

by Mark D. Tooley, FrontPage:

James Wall edited the Christian Century magazine for 27 years and remains as contributing editor. His brand of left-leaning politics and theology helped drive the once influential magazine, for which Reinhold Neibuhr once wrote, into near oblivion, from which it has barely recovered.

But Wall is unrepentant, and now he has blogged that the new science fiction movie Avatar is a metaphor for ostensible Israeli oppression of Palestinians, as well as American imperialism overall. Understandably, “Friends of Sabeel – North America,” which organizes anti-Israel opinion among church groups, is spotlighting Wall’s analysis.

Wall was delighted that the Obama family viewed “Avatar” on New Year’s Eve and excitedly hopes the film can be screened in the White House as a “teachable moment.”




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