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A U.N. Report and Double Standards

by Anav Silverman, FrontPage:

When the head of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza conflict, Judge Richard Goldstone, appeared on Al Jazeera after releasing the findings of his commission’s report last week, he shed some more light on the purpose of his mission’s report. Speaking with the Al Jazeera interviewer, Goldstone elucidated that he personally hoped that the commission’s report would ultimately lead to prosecutions of Israel and Palestinian armed forces in the International Criminal Court. Such prosecutions would hold Israel accountable for alleged human rights violations that the UN has worked for years to expose.

Goldstone explained in the interview that it is the obligation of the international community to hold sovereign states accountable of alleged human rights violations.

Of course, this is most ironic when the Human Rights Council that established Goldstone’s Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict is composed of countries that have frequently and freely violated international human rights laws, including Pakistan, Bangladesh, Syria and Somalia.

Throughout the Al Jazeera interview, graphic video footage of wounded Gazans continually popped up next to Goldstone’s face.




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