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Harper in China: PM attacks ‘foreign money’ behind oil sands protest, refuses to trade human rights

By Jason Fekete:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper delivered a pointed message Friday directly to the People’s Republic of China from the people back home: Canada wants to sell you its oil and gas, but won’t trade its principles along with it.

He also targeted groups opposed to Canada’s energy development, saying his government will put the country’s economic interests ahead of “foreign money and influence” trying to obstruct petroleum production.

Harper used a keynote speech to nearly 600 Chinese and Canadian business leaders gathered in Guangzhou — one of the largest cities in the world’s most populous country — to champion what he said is a new era in a strategic Canada-China energy partnership.

However, he also used the 21-minute speech to tell the Chinese, on their turf but in his terms, that Canada will not sever its trading relationships from national values such as human rights, and expects China to be a responsible global citizen.



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